Residential Electricity Rates

Understanding My Bill

Effective date : January 1, 2024

Service Charge$33.79
Smart Metering Entity Charge - effective until December 31, 2027$0.42
Rate Rider per 2018 Settlement Proposal (2018) - effective from January 1, 2022 until the effective date of next Cost of Service or Custom IR Rate Order $(0.33)
Low Voltage Service Rate $/kWh0.0041
Rate Rider for Disposition of Global Adjustment Account (2024) - effective until December 31, 2024. Applicable only for Non-RPP Customers$/kWh(0.0003)
Rate Rider for Disposition of Deferral/Variance Accounts (2024) - effective until December 31, 2024$/kWh0.0038
Retail Transmission Rate - Network Service Rate $/kWh0.0097
Retail Transmission Rate - Line and Transformation Connection Service Rate $/kWh0.0080
MONTHLY RATES AND CHARGES - Regulatory Component
Wholesale Market Service Rate(WMS) - not including CBR $/kWh0.0041
Capacity Based Recovery (CBR) - Applicable for Class B Customers $/kWh0.0004
Rural or Remote Electricity Rate Protection Charge (RRRP) $/kWh0.0014
Standard Supply Service - Administrative Charge (if applicable) $0.25