New Commercial Customers

Service Agreements

Centre Wellington Hydro requires all customers to sign a service agreement for every service. This agreement only takes a few minutes to complete and will provide you with information regarding our standard office procedures and it ensures all your information is correct with us. Note that once your service commenced, you implied acceptance of the service agreement.

Local Retailers

Before you enter into an energy contract for your electricity, be sure to do your homework.

Energy Contracts with Retailers

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Security Deposits

Centre Wellington Hydro requires all customers to provide a security deposit. Deposits are calculated by taking an average bill over a 12 month period and multiplying by 2.5. For example: If the average bill is $125.00, then the deposit would be rounded to $325.00.

Occupancy Charge

All customers receive a one time charge on their first bill of $30.00 at each new location. This charge is to set up the account and take the meter readings.

Waiving the Security Deposit

The deposit will be waived if you provide us with a letter from another electricity or gas distributor in Canada confirming a good payment history. This letter must cover a time period of at least three years.

Good Payment History

A customer is deemed to have a good payment history unless more than one of the following occurred:

1. Disconnection notice
2. NSF (non sufficient funds)
3. Returned pre-authorized payment.
4. Disconnect/collect trip has occurred

Refunding Deposits

After three years of a good payment history, commencing once the deposit is paid in full, the deposit will be refunded or applied to your account.

If a deposit has been refunded due to good payment history, however at a later date, the account no longer qualifies for a ‘Good Payment History’, Centre Wellington Hydro has the right to request another deposit.

We will review the status of the deposits yearly to determine whether the entire amount of the deposit is to be returned or whether the amount should be recalculated to be increased or decreased. You may demand in writing, no earlier than 12 months after payment of a deposit that we review the amount of the deposit to determine whether the entire amount of the deposit is to be returned or whether the amount should be recalculated.

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