Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Procedure

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Procedure

Starting May 27, 2024, all local utilities will follow a streamlined process for EV charging connections making it easier to set up new charging stations and support the adoption of electric vehicles in Ontario.

Procedure is applicable to:

  • non-residential customer applications including Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations, such as publicly accessible direct current fast charging stations, workplace charging, charging stations used for commercial EV fleets and charging installations for multi-unit residential or commercial buildings, where the EV chargers are owned or operated by the building owner or a third-party charging provider; and
  • the primary purpose of the new or expanded connection must be specific to an electric vehicle charging station.

Benefits of EV Charging Infrastructure include:

  • streamlined procedures that all local utilities must follow for installing and connecting new EV charging infrastructure including the implementation of standardized forms, timelines, and information requirements which will make it easier for EV charging providers to deploy chargers in all regions of the province.
  • increased accessibility to public EV charging stations across the province.
  • changing the province’s electricity infrastructure to support the adoption of electric vehicles in Ontario.

Thinking of EV Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) project?

If you are considering a EVCI project, before you start work or purchase equipment, please review the details in the OEBs “Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Procedure” document and complete & submit the “EV Preliminary Consultation Information Request (EVPCIR)” form to us.

These links will assist us in checking to make sure there is electricity distribution capacity to connect a EVCI project in your area.


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  • Reviews submitted EVPCIR and deems it complete
  • Reviews EVPCIR and prepares a CVPCR
  • Provides CVPCR to customer for consideration

A detailing listing of the process is provided within the OEBs Electric Vehicle Charging Connection Procedure sections three through eight.

For any additional information or to discuss your project please e-mail us or call us at 519-843-2900.