Customer Engagement
Survey Results

Centre Wellington Hydro Customer Engagement Survey for Distribution System Planning and Cost of Service Application

Read the responses from our customer engagement survey, conducted November 1 to December 20, 2021

Our Survey Respondents

Overall Satisfaction

Is there anything specific CWH could do to improve our service?


  • I’d like if my old inactive account could be removed from my customer login profile as it is tedious to switch accounts every login.
  • Happy with the service
  • Customer service when I called in for help was great.
  • This may be a comment best suited for another question field, but I would like to see water saving rebates for toilets and other low-flow tech, offered through our provider as well. Guelph and KW offer these rebates as incentives.
  • Transportation costs
  • Lower rates
  • Easier way to set up preauthorized payment
  • Service has been great these days.
  • I am a new customer (4 months) and so far everything has been great, a few small storms have occurred and no outages so happy about that
  • More payment options
  • We have only had positive experiences with CW Hydro
  • No
  • I do not find your new billing site easy to navigate.
  • Not that I can think of and I didn’t realize CWH provided water and electrical service.
  • I can’t think if anything. We have had reliable service with our hydro. The website is always working when I need to use it, it’s easy to navigate and find the info I’m looking for.
  • Make online portal more user friendly, custom usage comparisons ect.
  • No, Web site is set up well. PAP form should have a spot for new accounts as well as account number.
  • send alerts of outages
  • No
  • Nope! Awesome service/ professional workers
  • make it easier to set up auto withdraw from bank account without having to come into office
  • I am a brand new customer – the residential application form is PAINFUL!! its taken me over 30 minutes to reduce / resave / resubmit an ID. Please sort out a way to either accept a larger file or a PDF.
  • Lower prices
  • No
  • We recently moved to Fergus back in September and we found that there is a lack of virtual communication that would makes things much easier. There were a couple questions I had during the setup phase that a quick phone call answered but was surprised by the fact there are no email confirmations to show when the account and direct deposit are set up. It would also be nice to be able to create the online account for viewing bills prior to receiving the first bill. After moving in on September 29, we won’t be able to create it until almost two months after we’ve moved in (November 25) while we could create accounts for our other utilities and services prior to move in. These are minor things but would make the transition for newcomers much more smooth!
  • No. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with CWH.
  • Have always had great customer service with CW hydro. From my house to setting my business in the middle of the pandemic they were always quick and efficient
  • I am very impressed by CWH – excellent service, very professional and friendly staff – in the office and on the roads. A very well managed organization.
  • No – we are very satisfied with CWH – communications and reliability.
  • Yes, perhaps to provide customers with proactive assistance in reducing their hydro bills by offering the variety of plans and time of day use vs. other rates, and which would be of more benefit to customers. i.e. Reach out to customers to share with them HOW we can reduce our energy bills each month.
  • Not really.
  • Don’t sell out to Hydro One. I am very happy with the local presence and service from CW Hydro.
  • no
  • Offer a service to put up Christmas lights with the bucket truck.
  • It is very good already
  • Totally Satisfied with CWH and Staff.
  • Not at this time.
  • Online portal could be a little bit more intuitive.
  • No
  • Cost for delivery charges seem high in comparison to other providers
  • In 2002- 2003 when our home was built on St. Andrew Street East the Hydro service was built underground and very reliable. connection West of Herrick Street was done using conventional poles. Too bad as now the shade trees have be be continually trimmed back. Many are Norway and Manitoba Maples and very prone to ice and wind damage. As these “invasive” trees mature the trimming will increase. Why not encourage the Town and homeowners to remove and replace with more long lasting stronger trees. ( Native species ).
  • No, everything has been great so far I think everything is accurate and it’s nice have 1 bill instead of 2 since you cover water and hydro.
  • The delivery fee is always disappointingly higher than my usage fee. Also I have been enrolled in ebilling for years and the past few months with no notice, I have been receiving my bills in the mail. I would like to be switched back to my ebilling as before and as my account says I should be receiving.
  • I am proud of our CW Hydro team for taking care of all of our needs.
  • It would be nice to have a total of the electric portion and water portion on each bill.
  • Help in water reduction education.
  • Nothing – it’s great!
  • No, very pleased with the service.
  • Nope, all is good
  • More consistent power delivery. We occasionally experience periods of low voltage brown outs, and extended brown periods.
  • Lower rates obviously. The option to have a fixed rate or time of use.
  • Remove individual water usage and charge a flat rate.
  • No issues. Sure I’d like to pay less but that’s not a reasonable request. 🙂
  • Try to keep your rates as low as you can

Power Outages

Effectiveness During an Outages

During an outage, how would you rate our effectiveness?

Capital Investment Plan

CWH will have spent $1.09 Million annually on Capital Investments in our current DSP timeframe from 2017 to 2022. CWH is proposing an annual Capital Investment Budget of $1.26 Million for the next 5-year (2023 to 2027) DSP.  A large portion of our Capital Investment Budget is directed to the replacement of poles in poor and very poor condition, station transformer replacements, and large truck replacements.

CWH customers experience outages for reasons such as loss of supply from our transmitter (Hydro One), adverse weather, planned outages so CWH can proactively improve our system, and defective equipment. The table below shows the last 5 years statistics for outage causes. Some power outages can be avoided by replacing aging equipment before it becomes defective and fails. This is called a proactive replacement strategy, and CWH has accounted for this within the draft DSP and investment projections.

CWH’s Reliability is excellent compared to Ontario’s industry average. Our customers have fewer outages, and our responsiveness keeps outage duration to a minimum. Our approach to the next 5-year DSP plan is to maintain the current excellent reliability and complete similar projects with minimal rate increases, which are mainly due to inflation and increased material costs.

Another reason for CWH’s positive reliability and customer service is our Distribution maintenance program which falls under the Operations, Maintenance & Administration (OM&A) budget. CWH’s maintenance programs include tree trimming, transformer inspections and repair, Station inspections, and pole testing to name a few.

The projected total Operations & Maintenance spend for 2022 is approximately $822,000. Through the Distribution System Planning process the expected OM&A budget will increase by approximately 3% annually. This will allow us to continue running the current operations and maintenance programs that help us keep outages to a minimum, poles, transformers, and other equipment safe for workers and the public, as well as a continued high level of customer service.

Electronic Billing

Producing paper bills each month comes with a considerable cost in postage, paper, supplies and equipment. If we switched all of our customers to electronic billing, where you received your bill via e-mail each month, certain costs would be eliminated.

Grid Modernization

The electricity industry is evolving. Smart devices for homes and business such as internet connected thermostats and switches, renewable solar generation, and battery backup power supplies are examples of new technologies. Electric vehicles are becoming more common and connecting them on a large scale to the electric grid will need to be done with load control and 2-way flow capabilities. CWH will need to adapt to these technologies and customer expectations.

Final Comments

Do you have any other comments about CWH you wish to share?


  • I really love the team at CW Hydro! They are always willing to offer advice/assistance when I call in. I’m happy to know they treat their customers like a small town should, even though we are growing!
  • Is there any case to be made for CWH investing on our own generation? With new technologies continuing to emerge and efficiencies found, perhaps customers would be willing to make investments into generation?
  • Would it be possible to work with the GRCA to include some hydro power on the Shands Dam. Something generated locally that could offset transportation costs and then help offset increased rates for other improvements
  • In order of importance, high to low; Safety Low cost Reliability Modernization
  • No
  • Maybe get Students from a high school or community college to paint transformers as part of their technical education and training?
  • This survey will not give you the answers that the community wishes. The selections are limited and slanted towards what you have decided or want. For example, do we want better service but pay more? or do we want service and have it unreliable/ unsteady. This survey takes money which is wasted on the type of survey it was.
  • Keep up the great work CWH!
  • Thank you and all your staff for always helping the community. I appreciate you have funds for difficult circumstances to help out those who struggle. I am not sure how accessible it is, but happy it exists esp during the recent pandemic.
  • Would love to see lower rates
  • It is not how much my hydro my other add one are what costs me more
  • Please also try to make sure that at the source you are not receiving electricity that has been generated through non-renewable or harmful technologies such as coal burning power plants.
  • No
  • I am generally happy with the service I receive. I do not wish to see rates hike even higher though. Rates are unaffordable as they are, leaving many CW residents often deciding to pay the hydro bill or buying groceries. Also, when a payment is late, it’s horrible that you send someone out to hand deliver a letter and then charge an additional charge for that delivery, on top of the late charge. This isn’t helping your customers at all and it causes even more financial ruin, on top of high hydro costs.
  • Thank you for supplying power to my home!
  • We are grateful for you speed of communication when there is an outage or something of importance, and grateful for you speed to resolve the issue.
  • No thank you … Much appreciate the opportunity to participate in this survey!
  • Lower water and sewer rates 😉
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Keep up the great work!
  • None
  • Not at this time.
  • Hybrid and full electric vehicles are in our near future. If everyone on our street went 100% electric vehicle in the next few years would our local grid be able to handle the peak power during regular day hours? Would the off peak reduced rate stay as is, or change with “off-peak hour” charging of vehicles? Minor inconvenience; the new meter on our home does not show continuous consumption. We cannot check for phantom electrical use when all power uses are off.
  • Please change my account back to ebilling.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • You guys are awesome!
  • Invest in nuclear power. It is objectively superior to all other energy sources.
  • Not included in this survey, but I feel that it needs mentioned. When a payment is missed, CWH is far too aggressive with notices and threats. Sometimes you over look or forget to make that payment and having a hand delivered notice placed at your door is extremely excessive. A little grace will go a long way. I think that if someone is 2 months in arrears then take action but being late on one bill shouldn’t be handled in the manner that you currently do.
  • I am pleased to have a choice of hydro rates….TOU or Tiered plans. This way I can pick the plan that suits my household best.
  • Thank you!
  • Thank you.
  • Keep doing a great job 🙂 Thanks
  • Great !

End of Survey